6 Tips to Get Attention on Your Linkedin Profile!

How you can create a strong Linkedin profile? Here are the 6 pratic tips to boost your Linkedin profile, in our news...

What should you do in order to make your Linkedin profile stand out? Here are the 6 tips to boost your Linkedin profile.

With Linkedin, also known as Facebook of the business world, many people can find career opportunities. However, your Linkedin profile should be a little different than your other social media accounts. Having a solid profile on Linkedin will help you stand out the crowd. You have to be very mindful and meticulous while editing your profile. So how you can create a strong Linkedin profile? Here are the 6 tips to boost your Linkedin profile.

6 Tips for Building A Powerful Linkedin Profile

The number of people who use Linkedin is increasing. Linkedin is allowing its users to share every moment of their career path and build a strong network. However, people who do not have a strong profile on Linkedin can miss the opportunity to get attention in the business world. In this platform, professionalism is more important than how many likes you have. Boosting your Linkedin profile is not that hard. Here’s what you need to do to have a professional profile on Linkedin:

1- Your profile picture should be in high resolution

It is very important to have a high-resolution profile picture on Linkedin. Also, your profile picture should accurately reflect the work you do. For instance, if you work in a bank as an inspector; do not use a photo of you in the amusement park or at sea. Be the only person in the picture. Linkedin is not the place of your photo that you took with a friend you love. Linkedin is not the right place for a photo you took with a friend you love.

2- Feel free to add certifications and accomplishments

Of course, being humble is important. However, Linkedin is not the place for this. In this platform, do not afraid of sharing your experiences, accomplishments, and awards. Be sure that your friends endorse your skills as well.

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3- Share the events you participate

Events are places where people with the same perspective come together. Therefore, you should feel free to reach out to meet other people at the events. During the meeting, try to pay attention to what other person is saying while telling your own story. Every data you collect and the people you met can shed light on your future career. If you have attended a course and you want to be remembered easily, you can share the notes you took; you can even tag and thank the instructor. Since other people will probably share the event as well, your visibility will increase.

4- Pay attention to typos

Misspelling will overshadow your professionalism. Therefore, when sharing on Linkedin, pay attention to the spelling rules.

5- Update your profile

To be discovered on Linkedin, you have to be active. Like other people’s posts and send your best wishes when they move to a new position. When you acquire a new skill or promoted, add this to your profile. Otherwise, you will be one of the Linkedin users who only open an account just like a business card.

6- Feel free to meet people

Send messages to the people who do your dream job. Tell them about your career path and even get advice. Feel free to ask issues on your mind. Collecting too many business cards used to work. Now note that sending the Linkedin invitation has been replaced by cards.

So, do you use Linkedin? According to you, how a strong Linkedin profile should be? You can share in the comments.

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