7 Little-Known Features of Facebook!

Most people don't know all the features of these platforms. One of them is Facebook… 7 little-known features of Facebook are in our news…

The number of social media platforms is increasing. Almost everyone is trying to exist in the digital world by opening a profile on these platforms. We spend time on social media platforms, it takes up most of our lives. But most people don’t know all the features of these platforms. One of them is Facebook… 7 little-known features of Facebook are in our news…

Little known interesting features of Facebook

Social media is of great importance in our life. We now provide a significant part of our communication with people through these platforms. Spends our hours there and we make an effort to use them better. With the importance of the internet in our lives, we now have the right to have many features of social media platforms. However, sometimes it can be difficult to follow the developments. We may miss some small but very useful details. Especially popular platforms are updated frequently and new features are added. Facebook, one of these platforms and used by millions of people today. But some details are still not known to everyone. 7 little-known interesting features of Facebook:

1- You can log in to Facebook with your profile photo

The increase in social media platforms also increased the number of our accounts in digital media. Increase in the number of our accounts, it can often lead to forgetting basic information such as usernames and passwords. However, facebook also offers you a different alternative for login. You can log in with the facebook profile picture you use without needing your username and password. However, you need to enable this feature in “Settings”. You can follow these steps for this:

  • Enter the “Account settings” section of your Facebook account.
  • Then, click on the “Security and login” section in the “Security” section.
  • Here you can confirm the necessary to log in with your profile photo.

2- You can look at your Facebook profile through someone else’s eyes

Users wondering how Facebook profiles look like by their friends, with just a few clicks, they can see their profile through someone else’s eyes. You can follow these steps for this:

  • Go to “Settings” at the top of the Facebook page.
  • Enter the “Timelapse and tagging settings” section on the left.
  • So you can easily see your profile through someone else’s eyes.

Also if you are using the new version of Facebook; you can also use the “See through someone else’s eye” button at the top of the post section on the Homepage.

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3- You can hide your last seen on Facebook

You may not want others to see when you were last active on Facebook. There is no definitive solution to this problem. But you can get rid of your last seen by logging into Facebook on your computer. Delete Messenger app from your phone and continue using Facebook on your computer. So nobody can see when you were last active.

4- You can use Messenger without a Facebook user

You don’t have to be a Facebook user to use the Facebook Messenger application. You can follow these steps to login messenger without user:

  • Download the “Facebook Messenger” application to your phone via Play Store.
  • Open the Messenger app and “I’m not a Facebook user” select.
  • So you can experience Messenger using your mobile number.

5- You can mute a custom notification sound to your friend

Notifications from social media platforms can be irritating. However, to prevent this, you do not need to decrease the notification sound of the device you use. You can mute notifications from your friends. You can follow these steps for this:

  • Open the chat screen of your friend that you don’t want to receive notifications on our Facebook profile.
  • Click on the name at the top of the chat screen that opens.
  • Then click on the “notification” option. With this option, you can decide how long your friend doesn’t want to be notified.

6- You can hide your friends list

Social media platforms have options to hide the account or open it publicly. If you don’t want your friends list to be seen to others users on Facebook you can prevent this. You can follow these steps for this:

  • Click on the “Privacy” option on the left.
  • Then, “Who can see what I share?” select and hide your friends with the option.

7- See who you sent a friend request to

We spend our hours on social media platforms, we communicate with our friends and sometimes we can forget what we are doing on these platforms. You may have forgotten the people you sent a friend request to on Facebook. To find out, you can follow these steps:

  • Use the “Friend requests” button
  • Select “Find friends”
  • See who you are sending friend requests with the option “See sent requests.”

Do you use Facebook? What are the interesting features you know? Write in the comment.

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