8 Little Known Features Of Facebook Messenger!

There are features on the Facebook Messenger that will interest. 8 features that will enable you to use Facebook Messenger more effectively, in this news…

Facebook Messenger is one of the most used messaging apps. It has approximately 2 billion active users. However, most users are not aware of some interesting features of Facebook Messenger. 8 interesting features that will enable you to use Facebook messaging application more effectively, on the news…

8 Interesting Features That Will Work For Facebook Messenger Users:

With the Facebook Messenger application, users can use features such as sending messages and video chat. Even if many users have not discovered, there are also some interesting features on the platform that will strengthen your communication. Some of these features are:

1- Personalizing the contact list

Some people may be saving their friends on the phone with different names or “nick” s. The Face Messenger application also allows you to do this. In this way, you can customize your guide.

2- Muting notifications

During the day, we receive notifications from dozens of applications on our phone. This situation can be annoying at times. You can block notifications with the mute feature in the messaging section in Messenger application.

3- Adding a story

The stories feature that Snapchat started and later became the favorite feature of Instagram is also included in the Facebook Messenger application. Messenger users can add stories and view the stories of other users from the stories menu under the search button.

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4- Changing the chat theme

You can make your messages colorful to highlight your conversations with your close friends that you are constantly messaging.

5- Dark Mode

After Twitter, the Facebook application also added the dark mode feature. Many users prefer to use the screen in black. The feature called dark mode makes your charge run out later.

6- Messaging from the desktop

If you don’t want to chat on your mobile device or if you don’t have your device with you, you can use Facebook Messenger from your desktop device.

7- Playing games

There are many fun games in Messenger application. It is stated that the games have been played more than 20 million for now.

8- Secret message

You can have private conversations in the application, like private messages on your phone. Considering this on Facebook, he brought a password feature on messages. You can use the “Secret Conversation” feature for your messages that you do not want anyone to see.

So do you use Facebook Messenger application? Are there different features that you know? You can share in the comments.

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