8 Tips to Increase Interaction and Followers on Twitter!

What should users do in order to increase interaction and followers on Twitter? Here are eight tips for increasing your Twitter followers. In our news...

Twitter is the social media platform where thoughts are expressed by writing. At this platform, ideas about different contents are also expressed and users can call people’s attention with what they write. So, what should users do in order to increase interaction and followers on Twitter? Here are eight tips for increasing your Twitter followers.

What are the ways to increase Twitter followers and build interaction?

As a result of the posts shared by Twitter users, you can track the number of followers. While a user’s tweet can get thousands of retweets, other one may not get interaction. Here are the things that should be done to get interaction and increase the number of followers;

1- Adding Photos to a Tweet

It is a known fact that tweets with photos are getting more likes, retweets, and interaction than written tweets. Therefore, since the tweets with photos increase likes and interaction; by adding photos to your tweet, you can draw more attention.

2- Tweet with a video

By adding video to your tweet, you can increase the interaction and get more retweets.

3- Tweet that includes HashTag

With Hastag that properly selected with the content of the tweet you can increase the likes and retweets. For those who don’t know, HashTag refers to the tag used for subjects on social media. HashTag is written by placing “#” at the beginning of the word.

8 tips to increase interaction and followers on twitter moblobi

4- Tweet with quotation

Tweets shared by showing the words of an acclaimed, accepted famous thinker or artist in quotation marks are called tweet that includes a quotation. It can be said that using this type of Tweet will increases the likes and retweets dramatically.

5- Tweet character

While Tweet’s character limit is 140-character, short tweets that have 71-140 characters are the tweets that get the most likes and retweets.

6- Minute criterion

After a tweet was shared on Twitter, it could reach half the number of likes and retweets in the first 24 minutes. It is claimed that people who share tweets often and interacting by tweeting at 24-minute intervals get more retweets for each tweet.

7- The criterion of a tweet that includes a link

If a tweet will include a link, it is known that it gets more attention if the link is at the beginning or in the middle of the tweet. Even mentions that include a link creates safety perception leads more click rate.

8- Date and Time of a Tweet

People say that, Monday and Thursday are the days that will increase your tweet’s interaction, and the right hours is between 13.00-15.00. Of course, this is not the case all the time. By entering the Twitter Analytics account, you can see the right time for yourself.

Which methods do you use to increase the interaction while sharing tweets? What are your methods to increase your Twitter followers? Share your opinions in the comments.

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