Celebrities Make a lot of Money from Instagram!

Celebrities make a lot of money from Instagram , and this has been one of the most curious topics. According to a British firm’s research, celebrities earn a very high price, even from a single instagram photo. Let’s see how much the Celebrities make money…

$ 189,000 with the American basketball player Lebron James attracts attention. Cara Delevingne makes $ 228,000. Khloe Kardashian $ 393,000; Kyle Jenner makes $ 558,000. According to this recent survey, there are 2 athletes in the top ten of the top winners list. The first of these is Christiano Ronaldo ranks third in the list of 10 people, with 104 million followers and 400,000 dollars per share. Another name in the category of athletes is Lebron James from America, 10th with 30.7 million followers and earns $ 120,000 per share on Instagram.

Let’s have a look at the top of the list now to Selena Gomez. Gomez earns $ 550,000 per share. Of course, 122 million followers have a significant impact.

The reliability of the number of followers in the social media has long been the subject of debate. However, with the development of many analytical applications, the reliability of these followers can be tested. Brands use this channel effectively to create new customer channels. There are some very successful campaigns and we can also find some examples of campaigns that are very frustrated.


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