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Twitter is one of the platforms where people like to express themselves the most between social media platforms. Users are free to express their opinions on this platform. It is ranked 3rd among the most widely used platforms in Turkey and has approximately 9 million active users. Being one of the most popular platforms, of course, also requires frequent development.

Twitter attaches great importance to ensuring that people feel safe. In recent years, the biggest priority on the platform is to remove users from abuse and spam; to provide solutions for purification. Platform that takes steps to provide a much healthier service to its users; it is preparing to make some changes within the next few months. Here are the details.

What changes will Twitter make in the coming days?

Twitter primarily aims to keep its users safe. In line with this goal, various studies, updates and platform is making some changes. In the near future, it will be implementing some work to make users feel safer. Let’s share some of these with you:

Malicious content will be detected before user notification

Twitter will continue to develop its technology, which will infringe its rules, especially those that tweet their private information, threats, or other types of misconduct very quickly, yet without ever being reported by any user. With this technology, users can report malicious users and content to Twitter; Twitter has already noticed and will take this measure.

Conversations will be better controlled

As of June, users of popular social media platforms will be able to monitor the responses to their tweets. Besides, it will be done in different arrangements so that users can better control their conversations.

Fast action for physical security

Twitter users will be able to share their details with Twitter during reporting. This will enable users to mobilize much more quickly when it comes to protecting their physical security.

Notifications will be added

The context and implementation of the tweets is also very important in understanding the Twitter rules. Therefore, in order to clarify this issue, some notifications will be added to Twitter. For example, although any tweet violates Twitter rules, the fact that the service is left inside is like a public injury.

Rules will be updated

Twitter will be updating its rules in the next few weeks. it will become much shorter, much simpler and much more understandable.

What happened on Twitter?

Twitter, while carrying out these works prepared to appear on the one hand, has already been carrying out different studies for a long time in order to provide a much healthier experience to its users. As a result of these studies there have been some developments. For example; Twitter had been reporting on the tweet with potential for abuse, if it were reported to him before. However, by introducing a proactive approach earlier this year; users who do not feel safe; Twitter made it easy for them not to have to report abuse and to make it easier with their technology. In addition to notifications of abuse by people on Twitter, he has also taken some precautions in this regard.

Looking at these periods in the past year, potentially misused contents were not proactively reviewed. However, now about 38 percent of malicious content has been proactively reviewed to help users their reports and notifications by a new technology on Twitter. These include threats, profanity, hate politics, and so on.

In addition to this, it also marks malicious tweets and presents them to the Twitter team for reviewing spam, monitoring violations and monitoring platform manipulations. These teams have been expanded in key geographies and key areas, especially to keep people safe and turn them into fast action.

According to the reports given by Twitter, and after many ongoing development studies, some findings have emerged. Here are some interesting findings…


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