Creator Account Comes to Instagram!

Instagram continues to add value and to grow daily. Since the beginning of the platform, it has offered new features and continues to increase them. Right now, Instagram is coming with a new account type. Instagram will bring Creator Account to life very soon for influencers and content producers. Here are the details.

What is Instagram Creator Account? Who will use it?

At first they’ve become known for personal accounts, but in 2016, they have brought Business Account, so, they’ve allowed many brands and corporations to get onto that account with statistics and advertisements instruments. While they plan to put another account type, they bring it for the influencers and content producers that’s been tested since 2018.

Influencers are one of the hugest parts of social media marketing, while Creator Accounts have been offered to use for influencers, they’re similar to business accounts. But, they add lots of new features. New features will be important at marketing and branding strategies.

New messaging filters with Creator Account

While they’re developing this account, they’ve taken ideas from content producers. One of the biggest innovation this platform brings is the choices of detailed filtering to messages. Spams and negative messages will be detected easier with developed algorithms and users direct message boxes will have higher quality.

They’ll able to be categorizing message boxes as red or not red yet and allowing the users to categorize and filter them. Influencers can be able to sperate the messaging from their work or advertisements from their messaging with friends

Detailed and daily statistics are coming

One of the biggest feature is that user can track with detailed and functional statistics. Creator Account users can check weekly and daily about how many followers they gained or lost after a content shared on this platform, how much difference at the number of followers on their account. This feature allows companies to have much more detailed statistics, it’ll get ahead of the risks related to privacy and security from third parties.

While influencer profiles are becoming more functional and attractive with this feature, it’ll become a huge influence on brands choices of influencers or content producers. Influencers can eb able to contact with the brand easier and they can be able to share their statistics with the brand. And brands will analyze them how much they’re suitable to their target audience and they’ll make their choices according to their data.

Well, who’ll use Instagram’s new feature? How many followers do we need to use this feature? Continues on the news.


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