Dark Mode Explanation From Twitter?

Twitter has announced Dark Mode aka. Lights Out mode to create backspaces completely black to increase battery time for OLED screen devices. Despite Lights Out mode came for iOS devices, it’s not existent on Android devices. authorities explains the delat to increase experience. Here are the details.

What is Twitter dark mode? What does it works for?

Most of our phones applications backstages are white and some apps allows darkening on backstages. White backstage can cause problems for users especially at night. No matter how much it’s been darkened, you can turn into a rabbit that saw a flashlight.

Developer have found a solution called Dark Mode feature. As Twitter is one of the users of this feature, it turns into dark blue as you chose Dark Mode. But they’ve made it possible with a statement and it turned completely black.

Twitter has announced Dark Mode to it’s users on March. This feature made backstages completely black. So, white scripts got uncovered. So, it made a nice appearance. But, there’s something more useful to users. It managed to enhance battery life of phones with OLED screens.

Can Dark Mode being used by all the users? What is the improvement that attracts the attention of Android users? Details are in the continuation on the news.


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Ata Tekeli

Ata Tekeli

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