Does Facebook’s Likes Becomes a Nostalgia?

Most favourite social media platforms are coming with their moves of shutting down like closing. Social media giants are continuing to block negative or positive interactions likes and follows blocked. Right now Facebook is one of them. Here are the details.

What does change in Facebook likes? How does users will get affected?

Instagram was conducting a study to shutdown like s for all users but they were trying it at beta version. After that Youtube stated that they’ll make subscriber number at an approximate number. Right now, Facebook’s similar move is being talked about.

Facebook becomes into headlines that they don’t want their users to be stuck into likes and comments and to focus on content. With similar study on Instagram, users can see their likes but they can’t see other people’s likes. While it’s on testing phase but it’s been planned to be done soon however they didn’t give any date.

Social media apps brings lots of innovations to create difference and convenience. To create convenience for their users and to create them emotional convenience, they put their focus on likes and user-subscriber numbers.

Does likes affect our digital motivation? How does Facebook users will get affected after likes got removed? What is the underlying reason for this change? Details are in the continuation on the news.


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Ata Tekeli

Ata Tekeli

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