Does Facebook’s User Data Got Leaked Again?

A situation got uncovered recently made us ask the question about another scandal is coming or not. Because 419 million Facebook users data found online at an unprotected server. Here are the details.

How Facebook’s user data got uncovered?

A researcher called Sanyam Jali told that he has discovered an unprotected database. It containes phoen numbers, IDs, usernames, genders and their countries. It’s not clear that why those data are stored and who are behind them.

After this situation got uncovered Facebook’s spokeperson stated that this data set was removed last year. Spokesperson told that the data set was removed and it can’t be used as an evidence.

According to TechCrunch, data leak uncovered 133 million US based Facebook users, 18 million users based on UK and 50 million users based on Vietnam got their data leaked. Both TechCrunch and the researcher couldn’t found the owner of this data set. Researcher has stated that celebrities phone numbers are inside the list.

Despite this data leak doesn’t affect Facebook users, it looks like that privacy precautions will come to light. Facebook has abolished their contract with Cambridge Analytica beacuse of data theft scandal. According to uncovered scandal, 87 million Facebook users data got accessed without the permission of the users. Facebook is examining their security studies closely.

According to statement, data set that was found unsafe and data that’s been claimed that it contains Facebook users data; their intention was to find users location via phone numbers. But, because people protects their numbers for a long time, hackers can use them to reach users nformation or making spam calls.

When this data leak had happened? What does social media critics think about those data leaks? Who wants Facebook to be dissolved? Details are in the contniation on the news.


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