Does WhatsApp Web’s Dark Mode is Dangerous?

Nearly all of us uses WhatsApp on our mobile phones. Popular messaging app has already replaced SMS’s. Right now, WhatsApp is on the headlines with it’s recent feature. Here are the details for WhatsApp Web ’s dark mode.

How WhatsApp Web ’s dark mode will be used?

WhatsApp is the first choice when it comes to live chatting. It’s userbase is increasing with it’s updates. Even more, WhatsApp’s desktop version got developed recently because of huge demand and managed to make users satisfied.

WhatsApp Web has become lifesavers for people that spends hours on their computer. But, every feature does not exist at WhatsApp’s desktop version.

It’s easy to use WhatsApp Web. You just have to scan the QR code on your phone to your computer. One of the updates people are expecting is that WhatsApp Web is no longer relying on the phone very soon.

WhatsApp has offered a feature that’s been used on many social media platforms and it has brought dark mode for users in computer. Dark mode feature in WhatsApp can be used.

Rumors about the dark mode in WhatsApp Web aka. night mode was too much. Despite the rumors became true, it’s useful to become precautious because it wasn’t got developed by WhatsApp. It was being offered to use as a third-party package.

Why this feature can threaten you? Why should we think twice before downloading it? What is the danger created by this feature and where can we download it? Details are in the continuation on the news.


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