Does Your Facebook Messenger Data is on Danger?

With recent updates, taken decisions and some scandals, Facebook might be adding a new one to it’s scandals list because Facebook Messenger’s voice messages got sold. Here are the details for this topic.

Why our Facebook Messenger conversations might be on danger?

While Facebook is the most used social media, now is on headlines by selling Messenger messages from it’s users. According to rumors, voice messages got sold to third party corporations.

Facebook’s statement is even more interesting than those rumors. It has been stated that the owners of copied conversations are aware of it. But there’s no inscription on voice collecting on it’s policy.

Facebook is on headlines for a lont time about copying personal data. The biggest example is the scandal of Cambridge Analytica. It’s been clearly uncovered that Facebook sells personal data to large corporations. Reaching personal data without permission creates another issues with it.

According to Bloomberg’s anchor Sarah Frier Facebook is listening and storing voice messages in Messenger chats. And they sell those voice records to other corporations.

Does Messenger users knows about this topic?

Facebook has made a statement after news got out. According to statement made by Facebook, users have given permission for their data to be sold. But, there’s no information about Facebook’s data use policies that voice records will get stored and will be sold to third party corporations.

According to Bloomberg, voice records are being collected and being transformed into texts to test automatic speech familiarization systems. Facebook has stopped this practice as it was on the report. Whatever the experimentation is it’s unethical. Users are not sure about Facebook can reach their voice records.

What does Facebook is going to do about those violations? Continues on the news.


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