Three Practical Ways To Download Someone Else’s Instagram Stories!

There are different applications and practical methods for us to download other users’ Instagram stories. On our news…...

We can save the stories that we share on Instagram at any time, both on the platform and in the gallery. But there is no feature that we can download the story of someone we follow. Even if it is not developed by the platform itself, there are different applications and practical methods for us to download other users’ Instagram stories. What are the applications and methods you can use for downloading Instagram stories? On our news…

How To Download Instagram Stories?

“Instagram stories” is one of the most used features of the popular platform. We can share photographs and videos and create fun stories. Timed Instagram stories can only be viewed 24 hours a day and then disappear.

There is an option to archive the stories we share on the platform. There is an option to archive the stories we share on the platform. You can archive all your stories in your own history. You can also fix it by adding it to the highlights of your profile. If you want to see these stories on your phone again, you can click on the save option; you can save the photo or video on your phone.

Even though “download the highlights” activity can be done for your own stories; the feature of downloading a different user’s story is not yet offered by the platform. However, there are many applications developed for this purpose. Most of the apps are free but they can pose a danger because they are apps that Instagram has not developed; we suggest you to be careful. How to download Instagram story by using these applications; Let’s explain step by step:

1- How to download Instagram stories on Android devices?

Android device owners can download Instagram stories that are shared by others via the Story Saver app. To download stories from Instagram, you can follow the steps below:

  • First, you need to download the “Story Saver” application.
  • Later, to login to the application; Log in to your Instagram account
  • You will come across stories of all the users you follow on the homepage.
  • If there is someone you are looking for, you can reach it by clicking on the search button.
  • Here you can select and save the video and photo you want.

2- How to download Instagram stories on iOS devices?

IOS device owners can download other users’ Instagram stories via the Repost Story For app. For this, you can follow the steps below:

  • Download the “Repost Story For” app from the App Store
  • Log in to the system from your Instagram account.
  • The application will request access to your gallery.
  • After giving permission, type the username that you are looking for.
  • Then, download the story that you want to download to your device.

3- How to download Instagram stories to your desktop computer?

There are multiple options if you want to save Instagram stories on your desktop computer. As website, you can use StoryDownloader, Story Saver Weynstag websites. You can download the stories only by clicking on the download button on these sites where you can log in with the username.

Let us once again share the information that the said applications and websites are not developed by Instagram. It is useful to be careful while using and downloading these applications.

Do you use Instagramstories feature? Would you consider using apps that the platform has not developed to download stories shared by others for downloading Instagram stories? Are there different applications that you know? You can share them in the comments.

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