Emoji Language Is Spreading Around The World!

As smartphones gets into our lives more frequently, we have created a language from emojis instead of writing. We prefer to use sad-faced emoji instead of writing I’m sad. Well, who follows which emojis? What have been done with those emojis? All we want to know about emojis.

Who loves which emoji?

Emojis means a lot for teens born in the milenium age. While emojis influenced our lives, there haven’t been thought any celebration about them. In recent days, thus in 17th of July, World Emoji Day has been celebrated. Many brands and people have made sharings. Brands use this language a lot each day instead of using only on this day.

Not just individuals, brands have also realized the power of emojis. Even more teens finds it more sincere when they communicated them with emojis. Emoji language sees more interest each day as being used from e-mail marketing, social media posts, application notifications and product overview.

According to the research, it’s been explained that most commonly used emojis are heart, smiley face, laughing by coming tears from the eye and blinking emojis while classic laughing face is the favourite.

Turkey has the 14th spot on the use of emoji

When we examine the emoji preferences; France and Romania uses more romantic emojis. India and Mexico ıses praying emoji because they have spiritual charecters. Music note emoji is the favourites of Colombia, Argentina and Brasil. The most favourite emoji in the USA and the UK is that emoji that cries while laughing.

Turkey uses that emoji language because they think it’s more sincere. We score the 14th spot when it comes to using emojis. India scores the first place on the list. According the data from the research, emoji preferences changes to the country’s culture and charecteristics.

While users loves emoji, brands use them for different campaigns. For example, Apple has changed their executives photos with memoji charecters on the emoji week from it’s website. Such as Pizza Hut has created their menus from scratch in 6 restaurants in the UK on the World Emoji Day.

Well, which brand wants CV from emojis? Which famous athlete took emoji on advertisement? Many interesting emoji stories continues at the news.


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Ata Tekeli

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