Employees Are Hiding Their Social Media Sharings!

Of course 90 percent of employees connects to internet many times within the day. At some situations this can make their lives harder to make distinctions both at their workdays and above and private and business lives. According to researches most of the employees are hiding thir social media sharings from their employers. Evenmore this secrecy can extended to their coworkers as well. Here are the details…

We Are Hiding Our Social Media Sharings From Our Employer

Global Privacy Report which have been prepared by Kaspersky Lab has shown strange data in their report. Nearly one third of employees (35 percent) hides social media sharings from their employers. Evenmore this secrecy is not just for their employees also includes their coworkers . This research has shown that nearly more than half of employees (60 percent) don’t want their social media sharings seen by their coworkers . So we don’t want our social media sharings being seen by our employers and our coworkers .

An employee spends nearly 13 years and 2 months on their lives at work. Most of them does unrelated to work or they can’t get a promotion. Most of them (65 percent) admits that they get into internet sites which are not related about work everyday.

Nearly one fifth of our country’s employees (19 percent) thinks that their employers shouldn’t know about what sites they log in. Even more interesting is that more than half of them (60 percent) don’t want to know what they are doing at the internet even their coworkers . This shows that we see our coworkers as a threat to our lazy time at the office. Also, we can clearly say that in the workplace generally relations are formal.

On the other hand, for most of them social media activities moves much more clearly. This people doesn’t prefer to let their employers see their social media activities they see them suitable tos hare with their coworkers .

Why Employees Are Hiding Their Social Media Sharings?

Employees gets worried about one day their social media accounts being traced by their company because of diminishing efficiency and company’s image. Evenmore they afraid that in one day career choices are being made by their companies. Bacause of this reasons, large part of our users (35 percent) has an incentive to hide their social media sharings from their employers. Evenmore large part of them (43 percent) has an incentive to hide them from their coworkers as well.

One forth of employees (25 percent) are against to Show their messages and e-mail contents to their employees . According to research 5 percent of employees careers have been harmed because of their personal data got leaked. For this reason most of them tries to trying to get reputation instead of harming their relations at the workplace.

Internet now is a part of our lives. For this reason our border between our daily life and our corporate life is getting disappeared. This is both good and bad situation. But this is the way of living in digital age. Employees must be careful about their social media sharings and websites they get in at work because one simple misunderstanding move at the internet can do irreversible damage for a long term at their careers even for people who are very ambitious and hardworking.

It’s very important for employees to take basic steps to protect them from digital threats at our digital age in our world.

Well what does employees should or shouldn’t do to protect them from threats? Clues for employees continues at the news.


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