Facebook is Preparing to Read the Minds!

Facebook is financing brain experiments to develop a device that can read our minds.

Facebook is financing brain experiments to develop a device that can read our minds. Here are the details.

In 2017, Facebook stated that they wanted to develop a hairband that can write up to 100 words per minute with the power of thinking. After two years, Facebook stated thatthey wanted to support univrsity researchers that volunteers are well known social media celebrities.

A part of this research defined Speech Code Crackers. In project’s content, it’ll tried to be understood what humans are saying according to their brain signals. While this research has defined in a scientific article published on San Franisco, it was developed in the University of California.

How Facebook will read minds?

This study actually helps to try if the brain control machine is appropiate or not. Data has been seen directly as a technology that’s been cultivated from human minds. But neuroethicians stated that some set of rules are needed to store, to cultivate and to use the data from the brain.

Scientists red the questions to three people crew. They heard the answers at the same time. Facebook has stated that this research is being conducted and they also stated that they’re funding UCSF to bring the cognitive ability of talking to speech impaired people.

Facebook is working on a headphone to control the music by using virtual reality to get into interaction with thoughts.

Tech companies have accelerated their brain-computer interface studies. While corporations are conducting their studies, residents are worried about privacy. In recent months, Facebook got fined $5 billion because they shared users personal information.

A neuroethics professor is worrying about privacy. He stated that brain is a saf space for freedom of fantasies, ciritcs and for the freedom of thought and they pass it’s privacy without any safety field.

Why some universities are denying those researches? What are the other topics that people are getting worried about? Are there any violations of privacy? Continues on the news.


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