Facebook Opens Cafe for It’s Users!

Facebook was in the preparation of a new guideline against issues related to privacy. Facebook will make a new study to make privacy settings and user rights more understandable. It’s content is very interesting. They devided to open cafes to inform users about privacy settings. First cafe will be opened in England. What will be inside at Facebook Cafes? Which purpose it will serve? Details are on our news.

What does Facebook Cafe will contain?

While Facebook is the biggest social media platform, it never leaves the lead in this changing world. While Facebook is fighting with scandals and despite Zuckerberg’s name is unreliable because of the data leaks, it still grows positively every year. Any other company wouldn’t last and they’d be on the decline. But, Facebook is constantly on the rise.

Despite Facebook ’s reputation is damaged, when we look at statistical perspective, the results are interesting. Envoirmental, Social and Governance (ESG) corporation has kicked out Facebook on their elite list. Let’s state if you don’t know: ESG research corporation explains successful, reliable and elite corporations with evaluating different parameters.

Facebook Wants to Fix it’s Reputation!

Social media platform, Facebook’s data selling for years got uncovered. They violated their privacy contract but they’re trying to fix their reputation on the eyes of Facebook users.

Corporation has decided to open a cafe to inform users about privacy and to help them. Those cafes name is planned as Facebook Cafe.

According to news, Facebook is planning to open cafes on five different points on England at 28th of August till 5th of September. According to statement made by Facebook, coffee service will be free and users will be informed about privacy policy. While cafes are named as Pop-up; in England, users state that it’s exciting.

Facebook’s Northern Eurpoe Vice President Steve Hatch stated that people are worried about their privacy but nobody can do anything about their worries. Facebook defended their claim about they made their privacy settings easier and faster by privatizing them.

What is the privacy issue of Facebook? What kind of asistance to users will be provided at Facebook Cafes? What will be offered in Facebook Cafes? Continues on the news.


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Ata Tekeli

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