Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram Messages are Connecting Together!

Facebook has purchased Instagram and Whatsapp. It was a topic of wonder what would Facebook’s founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg would do with those mobile applications.

While Zuckerburg thinks that Facebook doesn’t get the respect it should see, he’s plan is to integrate all of those application’s messaging systems. According to Chris Hughes, (one of the co-founder of Facebook and left the compant after a while) one of the main reasons of integration for those applications is to prevent US government to cause more problems to Facebook.

Renewal at Instagram’s Direct Messages!

Facebook has decided to rearrange Messenger’s codes with Instagram’s direct message feature. After this corporation taken this step, Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp users will communicate on all three platforms as they like. If we make it simple with an example; you can contact your friend via Instagram even though your friend is on Facebook.

Does Facebook is Removing Competition?

While it makes us ask ‘why not?’, some tricks might be turned on the backside. As we all know, Facebook scandals put Mark Zuckerberg on a difficult situation and it still putting him on difficult situation today. But, Instagram and Whatsapp didn’t get affected with those scandals.

The biggest difference about all of those three platforms is that Instagram and Whatsapp is moving without Zuckerberg but this situation changed a bit. In this point, US Federal Trade Commision launched investigation on this corporation about competition.

Is it the reasons of government constraint?

After the consequences of Zuckerberg’s pressure, Whatsapp’s and Instagram’s founders cut their ties with Facebook. It’s not new for Zuckerberg because he caused many of Facebook’s founders to leave this corporation. After this process, Federal Trade Commission launched an investigation about the reason of Facebook’s purchasing of Instagram and Whatsapp to remove competition.

After messaging servers integration plan when the investigation continues, Chris Hughes stated that the reason of integration is to make the government to press charges on Facebook. It can be argued that Hughes’ statements reliablity but this integration might work out for Facebook about competition investigations.

Does Facebook changes the name of platforms? What will be the new names of Whatsapp and Instagram? Continues on the news.


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