Facebook will Help You to Find Roads!

One of the things that we can’t give up is navigation and maps applications. In order to discover alternative destinations and finding alternative roads for the place where we know to go, we use roadmap applications. Without doubt, Apple, Google and Yandex are ahead of them. Right now, a name is getting ready to participate. Facebook is starting to use roadmaps that they developed with artificial intelligence. Here are the details.

How Facebook will help you to find roads on the map?

Most of the maps have been created for developed spaces. But they don’t care the roads that are built by cooble, paved ones or non-asphalt roads. Google Maps and Apple are doing everything they can to supply roadmaps. But their focus is strolling around major cities, to help reaching well-known businesses for drivers, walkers, cyclists and public transportatin vehicles. For this reason, those maps don’t include cobbled and paved roads.

A name is on the market of road application are also going to be in the same league as Apple, Google and Yandex. Facebook will also offer map services. Facebook has been conducting a project artificial intellgence supported roadwatch at OpenStreetMap. Facebook has already started to launch this project in a couple of steps. For example, local communities of Thailand and Indonesia is being contained on local OpenStreetMap.

Facebook’s artificial intelligence researchers are working on a method to create maps. This method includes sattellite images and deep learning to predict road connections.

Facebook aims to bring modern services for places that are too far away. With this aim, they created the map of roads in Thailand more than 300.000 kilometers. Soi it has contributed to OpenStreetMap project.

This has created RapiD, that’s a device that can accelerate processes of road’s sattellite images with artificial intelligence and developed for machine learning.

RapiD is web based ID map editor’s open source connection. Human referees can work on maps. This allows neccessary security checks to have the best results and to find right road systems.

It’s important to uncover real road connections on maps. For example, dry riverbeds can be seen as roads. Facebook’s artificial intelligence systems helps to verify real roads with sattellite images.

This new method brings the best results in motorway predictions and map’s integrity. What methods researchers used to maket hat true? How Facebook’s project pushed the limits of roadmap? Continues on the news.


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