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Social media is something that we can’t give up in our lives. All of us are subscribed to them and we use them actively thoroughout the day. One of the most social media platforms we use is TikTok. As we all know, TikTok is an application and it allows you to share short videos. Especially, it gets criticized as teens use it to share inappropriate content. TikTok is now on headlines with it’s most recent security feature. This security feature’s name is filtered comments. This new feature, as it wants to destroy it’s bad reputation, it’ll protect it’s users from cyber-bullying. With this feature, users will make a special lists that they don’t want to see. Here are the details.

Mobile short video sharing application TikTok has the aim to share videos which are extraordinary, creative and different moments. Actually it offers the opportunity to uncover user’s creativity and their similar passions by short videos. TikTok, which is one of the most upoaded applicaiton in 2018, can be uploaded in both Android and both iOS platforms.

In recent days, TikTok has been criticized for inappropriate content, especially shared by younger people and younger people gets exposed to them and it has also becomes headlines as many countries have thought about to ban it. Right now, popular short video platform has launched a new security feature to protect it’s users from cyber-bullying.

Filtering comments feature will protect users against cyber-bullying

With filtered comments, users will preare a special list which contains filtered words in the comments section. Let’s say that account owner gets concerned about his/her appearance and he/she thinks that he/she will get annoyed. As this person thought about bad comments might come and in order to prevent them from coming, he/she will filtering them.

This recent feature aims users to mange their account safer and smarter. With filtered comments feature users can now being able to filter comments that they don’t want to see. Even more, they can make their accounts private or they’ll decide who follows them.

With filtered comments feature users actually have a much wider control of their TikTok account. With this feature comments and filtered videos can now being regulate them whenever they want. TikTok users can be able to add as many words as they want by satisfying the 30 charecter restriction with filtered comments feature and they can be able to change it whenever they want as they met the restriciton of 30 charecters.

Well which section can be used in this new feature? What does TikTok offering different security features. Continues at the news.


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