8 Boards To Follow On Pinterest!

Pinterest boards can be a source of inspiration for tech lovers. 8 interesting Pinterest board that can be followed by tech enthusiasts, in our news...

Pinterest is a social network that has thousands of images. These images are placed on boards categorized according to their interests. One of these boards is technology. Thousands of Pinterest boards can be a source of inspiration for tech lovers. Here are 8 interesting Pinterest board that can be followed by tech enthusiasts.

8 Pinterest board you can follow:

There are lots of interesting images in the Pinterest app. You can use these images as a background or create beautiful works of art. There are also interesting Pinterest boards for tech enthusiasts.

For those who don’t know, let’s first point out: Pinterest is a social network where images and photos are shared. Although it has been very popular in the past years, it does not maintain its popularity as it used to be, especially because of Instagram. It is also a frequent destination for visual and photography enthusiasts and for those looking for beautiful photos or background images to use in their work. Also, people frequently use this platform to categorize and store their photos.

The concept of “pinning” is used for every photo or image uploaded to Pinterest. So when you upload a photo to the site, you pin it. The area with these pins, in other words, the uploaded photos takes place on “Boards”. Of course, Pinterest boards are in certain categories, so each pinned photo is on the board in the relevant category. One of these boards is technology. In the field of technology, many interesting photos and visuals are on the technology boards on Pinterest. Here are some of these boards:

1- Dezeen – Robots

On the Robots board of Dezeen magazine, you may encounter many robots that help people. For example, you can find an interesting board that displays robots carrying your belongings for you.

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2- NASA – Space Technology

On NASA‘s Pinterest board, you can explore photos of the solar system, the people behind the space agency, and technology projects built around the world.

3- Robotic coding activities

Robotic coding activities, a board with robotic coding examples for primary school students.

4- Techmama

Beth Blecherman is the founder of Techmamas.com. It is a parenting and family tech blog. Beth Blecherman also has many boards.

5- Ideas

The pins on the Ideas Board offer new ideas by combining imagination and creativity with the help of technology. It can inspire many interesting technology projects, such as a paper alarm clock.

6- Robot Illustrations

Robot Illustrations is a board depicting the cute states of the robot world.

7- Domino – Office Decoration Ideas

Domino is a Pinterest board that should be looked for office decoration especially with tiny spaces. It can give ideas to people who set up tiny businesses in their homes.

8- Uncrate – Cars

Cars panel consists of technological vehicles that you cannot see in daily life. Many admirable cars such as the 3D printed Lamborghini can be found on this board.

So what technology boards do you follow on Pinterest? Which boards would you recommend? You can share it from the comment section.

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