Game of Thrones Fans are Under Cyber-Threat!

One of the most popular series on the digital platforms, Game of Thrones have met up with it’s fans most recently. But this series who watches them have encountered a very important potential cyber-threat. Here are the details.

Game of Thrones have hosted 17 percent of pirate content with harmful softwares. Those contents have caused 20 thousand users being attacked. According to the most recent data, when this popular series got published, it has been watched 55 million times. Some of those watchings have been made by illegal sites and some of them have been downloaded by torrent.

Game of Thrones wiewers are the new target for cyber-aggressors

Films and series which have been downloaded by illegal sources are one of the most common methods cyber-aggressors use. For this reason Gamo of Thrones wiewers are under a huge risk especially when this series new season gets on air it hosts a risk for cyber-attack gets higher. For this situation this series have a higher ratio of cyber attack when compared to other series.

Cyber-aggressors write their harmful codes into popular TV series and they put them on air on pirate sites especially when wiewers shows the most interest on episodes and when new season gets on air with a huge interest so does the chance of hosting a harmful software is high.

Those cheaters takes advantage of people’s interest and impatience when it comes to popular series. They put harmful softwares into wiewers systems with their fake series watching URL’s. With Game of Thrones new season there’ll be a huge increase on harmful softwares and cyber-aggressions as many people waits impatiently to watch the new season. Especially users and GOT watchers should be careful in case on an cyber-attack.

Well what should you pay special attention while you’re watching GOT aka. Game of Thrones from the internet? Continues at the news.


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