Green Screen Comes To Instagram!

While Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms, it adds many features to itself. As we all know, there are different processes of sharing photos slowly on the stories section below. Except that, we can add wiritngs, colors and face effects, direction and GIF’s on stories as well. Right now, Instagram is preparing to bring green screen on stories. Here are the detials for this new feature.

What is the Instagram green screen?

Instagram will offer green screen to it’s users very soon. This application will offer it’s users the feature of augmented reality. As we remember, stories feature first started on Snapchat and passed onto Instagram. This feature was brought for Instagram users that shares many posts per day to make their lives easier, make their profiles to be seen more and to keep their profiles cleaner. As we all know, posts that we make from stories stays only 24 hours. You can make your stories permanently on your profile by highlighting them.

Instagram plan to bring green screen feature to it’s well-loved storeies section. Green screen is the feature we know that’s been used in television and cinema. If we want to describe green screen; it can be explained as we’re shhoting something and adding the picture that we want. So, after Instagram makes this feature active, we just shoot the story with the green screen and with the green screen, you can put the pictures and the videos you want.

Can we use green screen in stories right now? How can we use it? Can we only use in video s or in photos? Contimnues on the news.


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