How Can You Delete Someone Else’s Facebook Account?

Facebook users can also delete accounts of people who have other Facebook accounts in some cases.

The users can delete their facebook account at any time, on the social networking platform Facebook. This feature doesn’t only offer users the right to delete their own accounts. Facebook users can also delete accounts of people who have other Facebook accounts in some cases. So, what circumstances do we have the right to interfere in someone else’s account? How Can You Delete Someone Else’s Facebook Account?

In What Cases Someone Else’s Facebook Account Could Be Deleted?

Facebook users can share posts and any contents they want on their accounts. People create an identity for themselves in the virtual world through the Facebook. It allows them to exist on Facebook, taking care of the rights of its users. One of these rights is deleting someone else’s Facebook account.

There are several reasons to interfering with someone else’s social media account. If the necessary conditions for deleting  a Facebook account are provided, the transaction is accepted. Now let’s examine what the conditions are allowed to intervene in the account. How to delete other facebook account? Here are 3 cases that could cause your Facebook account to be deleted:

1- Being Younger Than 13

Facebook includes the obligation by law to be over the age of 13. There is an age limit to protect the safety and rights of its users. A user under the age limit of 14 may notify Facebook to review the another user’s account. Facebook deletes the person’s account as a matter of obligations after the account is reviewed. This can be a common situation nowadays, because many people have Facebook account at an early age.

2- Not Being Healthy

Facebook is also interested with the health level of its users. The person must be healthy and able to use its account on the Facebook has a requirement. Sometimes, it can be faced with situations where the psychology of the person doesn’t allow. In such cases, Facebook offers a communication service with a form to deleting the user’s account. Someone else can perform a Facebook deletion with a power of attorney document. Facebook account deletion is done with under the condition that a medical report is submitted under the supervision of a doctor.

3- Passing Away

When a Facebook user dies, someone else has the right to delete the account. In order to close the account, if  the family member or close friends of the person report with official documents. (the death certificate, etc.)

The deceased account holder may choose an heir before death. The account heir has the right to review the shares of the person’s account. As another option, the account of the deceased user can be removed.

The account can be deleted when first-degree relatives of the deceased by submitting official documents. This feature doesn’t only apply to Facebook. You can also choose an account the heir on platforms such as Twitter and Instagram.

We explained how can you delete someone else’s Facebook Account. So you know how to delete someone’s facebook account after reading this content.

What do you think about the Facebook account deletion conditions?

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