How Can You Earn Money From Your Facebook Account?

How can you make money by attracting the attention of the followers and brands on Facebook? 6 practical tips you can quite easily apply, in our news...

Facebook has begun to monetize its users, such as other social media platforms. High number of Facebook followers; many people have already started to earning money which is many number of Facebook likes on their posts. So what should you do to make money on Facebook? How to make money from Facebook ? İn our news..

Social platforms have become a medium filled with influencer users. Many influencers, loved by their followers, have become the face of brands and they made great profits thanks to the advertisements they did. So, How can you make money by attracting the attention of the followers and brands on Facebook? Here are 6 practical tips you can quite easily apply:

6 tips for increasing your Facebook likes and followers and making money:

1- Be transparent to your followers

Facebook users generally sees people who act naturally close to them and they are following them. After some time, they are in a position to know the lives of the people they follow better than them. Therefore, every step of yours is very important.

Another important case is to be transparent to people. If you really do what you do properly, your followers will consider your suggestions. Brands that see you as someone loved by your followers will want to advertise to you.

Certainly, you shouldn’t accept the first offer that comes to you just to earn money. It is very important that you choose the job that the best suitable your own audience. It is very important to you choose the job that the best suitable your own audience. Otherwise, be prepared to hear “you have changed now” from your followers and be prepared to lose your followers.

2- Tag brands on your shares

Tags allow you to reach people with the same hobbies that make the same job as you. Let’s say that you have a makeup page on Facebook. You can reach out to people who share makeup interested posts and you can both get a network and increase your recognition. You can reach more people by tagging the brands of the products in your post.

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3- Make your followers feel precious

Don’t turn down incoming messages interact with your followers at odd times, answer to their comments. Set your shares according to the hours of your followers are active. Otherwise, they may not see your posts, so don’t waste of your effort.

4- İncrease your Facebook likes

The number of  your Facebook likes, so your interactions, are as much important as the number of your Facebook followers in the way to make money. Don’t apply to fraudulent methods like buying to increase Facebook likes. Don’t confront your followers with the same content constantly. After some time,you may make them tired of you. Do use your imagination and be creative. For example, you can give tips from your next post by use of the Facebook Stories feature.

5- Do it activity, be generous

One of the most classic methods to win followers is the lottery. You may have come across activities such as ”Add 5 people to the comment follow the page win this “. But we must say that your followers who have won through the lottery may leave your page after the lottery is announced. This may cause that your traffic to be misevaluate.

6- Create your own brand

If you are successful in jobs that required skill such as pearl bead knitting, sewing and painting, it’s possible to earn money and earn income on Facebook. You can sell your hand labor products by creating a brand. You can get to well known more quickly by the setting up a Facebook group for those interested in the knitting. Products that can be given as gifts especially on special occasions, may attract the attention of your followers.

If you have a Youtube channel, you can make your channel announce to your followers on Facebook. It’s very important to be constantly active and to have products in the stock.  Your customers should be able to contact you and get information whenever they want. So you can share your products by opening a business account, as to the contrary to your personal account. After then, you can get support from your immediate surroundings by share your page from your personal account.

So, What are you doing to make money on Facebook? How many followers do you have on your Facebook account and what’s your account about? How do you get attention, what do you do for your followers and to increase your Facebook likes? Share your views from the comments section.

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