How Can You Hide Your Online Status On Instagram?

How can you hide your online status on Instagram? How to close Instagram online? Practical tips, in our news...

Instagram is one of the popular social media platforms and increases  variety of its features every day. There is a feature on the platform that shows your online status. Some users are quite uncomfortable from this feature. So how can you hide your online status on Instagram? How to close Instagram online? Tips, in our news …

How to close Instagram online?

Online status purposes to help people using the application reach each other. You can see if people you want to reach are in Instagram at that moment. This can be very useful, especially if you own a business. Because it can help you while communicating with your customers. You can see when they are active in your conversations with your friends.

This feature in DM box and show with a green label. Instagram is not satisfied with only tags; so added the clock icon. In this way, it can show when, how many minutes, how many hours ago users were active. Somebodys saw as an advantage and somebodys as a disadvantage this situation.

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Online status is available many platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram. It can be seen whether users were active and when they were last active. However, users sometimes do not want to respond or do not want to be known they are active in the platform. In such cases, it is possible to hide your online status.

How to close Instagram online, let’s give it step by step:

  • For disable online feature, go to “Settings” top right of screen in the app. On smartphones, the settings option appear as three points.
  • There are options to check your account. Click on “Privacy and Security” for disable active view feature.
  • After then, tap the “Active Status”.
  • Turn off the open “Show Activity Status” option. Thus, you can end the visible activity of your account.

So, are you using the Instagram online feature or did you turned off? Do you think this feature is annoying? You can share in comment.

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