How do I get to Facebook Marketplace?

You will learn what is Facebook Marketplace and how can it used in this article.

Nowadays, we constantly see how fast e-commerce is developing and the number of e-commerce channels are increasing. So what is a marketplace? Also you will learn more about facebook marketplace in this article too. The marketplace, on the other hand, can be named as the marketplace where the buyers and sellers who sell to the very old times when it is launched. If the; If logging in to E-Commerce and online payment methods and availability scares you, you can start with the business principle Marketplace. You can activate your E-Commerce system by looking at product sales, sales volume and competition. The cornerstones of the market based on 3 different steps are; Buyers, sellers and infrastructure…

One of the easiest ways to sell and buy products on Facebook is Facebook Marketplace. You can present your products to your potential customers thanks to Facebook Marketplace, which is currently live in +72 countries on average.

What is Facebook Marketplace and can it be used for?

It is very simple to showcase your products on Facebook Marketplace. If we explain it step by step,

Sign in to your Facebook account.

Click the Marketplace in the left block.

If you are a product dealer, take photos of your second-hand items or unused items.

Add interesting title, description, your position for your ad. The issue to be considered is; Make sure you mark your location correctly and add a product price.

If the; If you have successfully done the 4 steps mentioned above, you have started to share your first product with users on Facebook by clicking the share button.

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How to get Facebook Marketplace app?

If the; If you are a product buyer, we can say that there are some issues to be aware of. These issues are;

It will be healthier for you to purchase products by answering the above 2 questions. Of course, we can say that the product purchasing process is quite simple.

Sign in to your account.

Click the Marketplace in the left bar.

From the Browse tab, products will be listed according to your location. If you cannot find the product you are looking for, You can change the diameter of its position again located on the left bar.

If you only want to see related postings; It will be enough to choose the categories in the left bar again.

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