How Does Our Social Media Addiction Gets Situated?

Connectivity into internet gets increasing day by day. With internet users are increasing, so does the social media. According to research, users of social media networks are around 3.2 billion. Thus, this makes 42 percent of global population. There is no difference in Turkey as well. In our country we nearly have 51 million social media users. This makes more than half of our population (61 percent) uses social media. With this ratio Turkey scores the 9. place on the social media usage.

As internet and social media usage getting increased, the society is also getting changed. Also because of internet while socialization and face to face communication loses value and made the society into introverted and instead of making them active it also turned them passive. Well what kind of social media platforms we get in and how we spend our time with them? Here is the answer.

What is the most used social media platform?

Global Internet Report have explained data from 2018. According to information from the data the most popular platform in our country looks like Facebook. In Turkey, Facebook users are around 43 million. The most popular platform after Facebook is Instagram.Instagram users are about 37 million. Of course we use different social media platforms but their usage ratio is very low when we compare them with our favourites (Facebook, Instagram). In our country Twitter and Snapchat users are around 9 million each

More than half of our population has been using Facebook according to data. Facebook currently takes the lead at the most popular platform of all time. In Turkey, with the most users in a city is in Istanbul around 11 million.

How does Turkey is compared to social media usage globally?

As a county we have an important place and position because Turkey has an global importance rate at social media usage. As a country we stand at 9. position in social media usage. This situation states our social media addiction as well. When we look at our position at social media usage with nearly 43 million Facebook users, we also score the 9. position. With 8,8 million users in Turkey, our country have scored the 5. position. And with 6,9 million users in Linkedin in our country we have the 15. position. Finally with 8,5 million users in Snapchat we scored 10. position on globlal ranking.

Users spends a lot of time on the internet. Even more after they’ve woken up they’re online nearly all the time. When we look at nation-wide statistics we spend 7 hours and 15 minutes at the internet. We spend 2 hours and 46 minutes of this time in social media.

Wel how much time do we spend on social media platforms? Which social media platform we spend the most time? Which social media platform has been talked about the most? In the continuation of the news.


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