How to Earn Your First 1000 Followers on Instagram?

How to earn your first 1000 followers on your Instagram account? How to increase the number of Instagram followers? In our news...

Many people think it is too late to reach high numbers of followers on Instagram. It is not impossible to be popular if you determine your target audience correctly and grow organically. It will motivate you to start with small goals such as reaching 1000 followers in the beginning. So how to reach the first 1000 followers on Instagram? How to increase the number of Instagram followers?

6 tips to reach the first 1000 followers on Instagram:

The users who became popular on Instagram and start making money have increased significantly. Nowadays, many people create their brand on Instagram and take people’s attention. After having a certain audience, they have already discovered by brands. But it is possible to become popular by opening an Instagram account from scratch. It is a little difficult to get the first 1000 followers but here are 6 tips to get you to the first 1000 followers on Instagram:

1- Make your Instagram account visible to everyone

Make sure that your Instagram account is not private, that is, a public account. In this way, everyone will be able to see what you share and they can follow you if they like your profile.

It is also important that your account is not hidden to interact with people and increase the rate of getting on the ‘Explore’ page. You can follow these steps to remove your account privacy:

  • First, log in to your Instagram account.
  • Go to your profile and click on the three horizontal lines at the top right of the screen.
  • Click the ‘Settings’
  • Click the ‘Privacy’
  • Go to ‘Account privacy’ and tap next to ‘private account’ and make sure it is closed.
  • Use the right hashtags in the right place

Add hashtags that you think are related to the subject, under your photos, stories, and IGTV videos. Adding hashtags that fit your profile and what you share will speed up your interaction. But using hashtags too much can be confusing so it is useful not to overdo it.

how to earn your first 1000 followers on instagram moblobi

2- Add story highlights

An attractive profile often gets attention. You can increase your number of Instagram followers by creating a beautiful, organized profile, and using a great color palette. You should make sure that your cover photos in the story highlights are original.

3- Stay active on Instagram

You should also show that you are beıng actıve on Instagram by sharing photos at least every 2-3 days. Because inconsistent accounts do not receive much attention.

4- Make a giveaway that your followers will love

Doing sweepstakes greatly increases the number of followers. In accounts with high followers, winning giveaways is very difficult. There is a lot of interest for accounts with fewer followers. Because the winning rate will be higher.

‘Follow me to join the giveaway’, ‘tag three friends in the comments’ kind of posts can be helpful for you to reach a thousand followers in a short time. A few gifts you can give can help you to gain followers.

5- Make your followers feel valuable

Responding to comments will make you look more sincere and real. You can get a lot more comments by liking and responding to respectful comments. As well as the comments you receive, commenting on other accounts will increase your interaction and increase the number of followers.

To reach more followers on Instagram, you should determine your target audience and check the statistics. While sharing appropriate posts for your followers, you need to be original. When you reach more followers, you can continue to run giveaways from time to time to not lose your followers. So you can protect your followers and gain new followers.

So how many followers do you have on Instagram? What are you doing to increase your Instagram followers and interaction rate? You can share it in the comment section.

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