How To Identify Stalkers Following You

What is stalk and what are the stalker types available? How do we protect ourselves from them? How to identify stalkers following you?

We spend hours in social media. We share our days, experiences, family and work. There may be people secretly following us in platforms where so much private information is shared. Especially platforms such as Facebook, where the number of active users is very high, is among the places where stalkers are mostly found. So what is stalk and what are the stalker types available in like platforms? How do we protect ourselves from them? How to identify stalkers following you?

What Are Stalk And How Do You Recognize Stalkers?

Stalk is follow someone secretly in social media. Stalker is the person who does this. In short, it is trying to stalk someone to follow your profile on a fake account or with some tricks without you noticing. Stalkers have in every social media. Of course, it is not surprising that Facebook has a stalker with nearly 3 billion users per month.

Being stalked in the digital world may not always be innocent. For this reason, your profile should not be public or interaction with everybody. Some hackers or malicious trickers can disturb users on Facebook. They can steal or check accounts to scare you. You should always be on guard against like this situations, although Facebook follows different security policies. For this, it will be helpful to follow your social media activities frequently.

What Are The Stalker Types?

How to recognize the stalkers; Of course, we cannot know how somebody is following you and for what purpose. Because, there are some types of these stalkers on Facebook and other social media platforms. Some stalker types:

– Silent stalker

– Facebook follower

– Admiring stalker

– Commenter Stalker

– Friendly follower

– Needing more friends

– Time passers

– Ex-lover

– Rejected, angry, intimacy stalker

What Should We Do To Protect Against Stalkers?

Facebook and other social platforms are full of these stalkers. So what should we do to estop being exposed to them? First, check your friend list in your profile and you can remove fake accounts and strangers from your list. You can review people you don’t accept; You can take a look at your active-looking friends. It will be helpful to repeat these checks on your private messages, comments and likes.

You make sure know these people before accepting friend requests. You avoid sharing your personal data. Such as login information, passwords, maiden name, birthday, anniversary, phone number, e-mail, address, contact information… Things we often do and see innocent on social media; share photos of family members and your children, and tag other family members and relatives on photos; never share vacation plans and financial details and keep them confidential. If there is somebody you don’t know or disturbing you, block or remove it from friendship.

We explained how to identify stalkers following you.

So have you ever been stalked? What purpose were you stalked?

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