How To Make Good Instagram Posts

As Instagram is being used more actively on digital marketing; foto quality, aesthetic and professionalism becomes important. But, it’s way easier than you think. How To Make Good Instagram Posts? We will give you clues for more attractive Instagram posts. Gaining followers relies on the attractive photos. But, smartphones can create aesthetic ones.

Know Your Camera Well

Know your camera and learn how to use your camera to it’s full potential.

Have A Story For Your Photos

Ensure that your Instagram photo has a story. Especially with attractive words and tags before sharing them. By doing them; you’ll get ahead from most users on Instagram.

Choose The Right Theme

Decide your theme before capturing photos. Because the theme will affect your photos. For example, while warm themes are preferred by travellers; cold ones are preferred for nature photographers.

Create A Composition

Lightning and placement is important for creating composition. Because the commentation is revealed like that. Before taking the photo; a strong composition is needed.

What is the one third rule for creating a strong composition? How to use it? Why does lightning and placement is so important? What should be paid attention to take food photos? Continues on the news.

Apply One Third Rule

One third rule is the golden standard of photography. It makes the photo comaptible with all aspects. When you seperated into 9 squares; it’ll be optimized. To do this; open grid settings on the camera. So, higher quality of Instagram posts.

Catch The Light At The Right Time

Catching the lights at the right time makes many influencers more robust. But, brightening should be prevented. To do this; tap into the brightest side and not to lock the posture. On cloudy days, light goes everywhere. So, cloudy days makes your photos better.

Enrich Your Photos By Using Decorations

Decorations will make your Instagram photos richer. Use different decorations to make them richer.

Watch out for details before taking any photos. If needed, you can use effects to enrich them.

What do you use when you take photos for Instagram?

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