How to Open a Tumblr Account?

What is Tumblr for writing and sharing blog posts? How to open a account? What features does it have? It’s on our news…

Tumblr is a USA origin social media application founded by David Karp in 2007. The popular application is actually a social media platform that appeals to young people between the ages of 18-24, which we call the generation Z audience. What is Tumblr for writing and sharing blog posts? How to open a Tumblr account? It’s on our news…

What is Tumblr? How to sign up for tumblr?

Tumblr is actually a blog application that contains blog posts, stories, GIFs, links, and more. For those who do not know, let’s share it immediately: A blog can be thought of as a network system that enables us to share and learn information on the internet. To use Tumblr, you first need to create an account. The Tumblr account opening process is quite simple. Let’s cite it step by step:

  • First, enter the link “”.
  • To open an account, click the start button on the page you entered.
  • From here, you can sign up for Tumblr free of charge by entering your e-mail, password and username.
  • Immediately after, an e-mail will appear to confirm that the account belongs to you. By clicking the link in the incoming mail, you will verify your account.

By following the steps we explained, you are completing your application membership. You can change or edit your information by logging into tumblr after becoming a member.

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What features does Tumblr have?

It has features such as not only blogging or seeing what is posted, but also like, commenting and dm, in other words sending direct messages, as in most applications. In this way, it enables its users to interact with each other.

Ready-made themes are given to users for free. You can use ready-made themes according to your wishes and likes. If you want the background I wrote to look more professional, you can buy the theme you want from the special theme feature. So you can write and customize your blogs to your heart’s content.

Tumblr has 7 different content types, including text, audio, video, link, quote, chat, and photo. The popular social media platform, where we see the use of GIF more than other media, does not publish content and images that are +18 according to the decision taken in 2018. But some situations such as political protests are not included.

You can use it on desktop and mobile. You can publish the content on Facebook and Twitter synchronously in your Tumblr account. You can create a personal blog and increase your popularity on this free platform.

Do you use a Tumblr app? In your opinion, what is the most important feature that distinguishes this channel from other channels? You can share it from the comment section.

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