How to Stalk People On Linkedin Anonymously?

How can we stalk without revealing our identity on Linkedin? Here are the two ways to stalk people anonymously on LinkedIn, in our news...

Social media platforms are at the center of many people’s lives. Even if users do not post from their own accounts, they use the platform to stalk other people’s posts. Usually, Instagram is used to stalk. Users who want to learn things such as jobs and education want to use Linkedin. But when we view someone on Linkedin, that person is notified. So how can we stalk without revealing our identity on Linkedin? Here are the two ways to stalk people anonymously on LinkedIn

2 Ways to Stalk On Linkedin

Linkedin is a professional networking site. On Linkedin, users can check each other’s accounts, send messages, or even celebrate their new work. When you view a person on the platform, a notification is sent to that person that you have reviewed their profile. Many users are not happy about this feature. Especially those who use Linkedin to stalk. If you want to stalk on Linkedin without revealing your identity, there are two different solutions:

1- Making your Linkedin profile anonymous

Let us explain the steps you need to take to make your account anonymous:

  • Sign in to your account.
  • Click “Account & Settings” on your profile photo.
  • Click on the “Review” button.
  • Switch to the “main setting” page.
  • Under “Privacy Controls”, choose the “What do they see when you view other profiles”.

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Let’s share the following detail, When you are anonymous, information about you will not be sent to the other person and you will not receive any information from the other side. So even if the profile of the person entering your profile is not anonymous, it is shown to you anonymously.

2- Pasting the profile of the person we want to stalk to Google

We need to create a new account and set our privacy to not be recognized. This method stops people from viewing your profile from being viewed, that is, from collecting data by other people. It also allows you to view Linkedin accounts without having an account. The steps you need to take for this are;

  • Copy the person’s profile URL.
  • Open Google and paste the URL you copied.
  • To translate, choose a language other than English.
  • Click on the Translate button.
  • Press the ‘Original’ button if necessary.

This way, you can view profiles anonymously without having an account. You can stalk on Linkedin without revealing your identity.

So do you use Linkedin? Have you been caught while stalking on Linkedin? You can share it in the comments.

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