How to Turn Off Last Seen on Instagram?

How can you change your Activity Status on Instagram? How to turn off Instagram last seen from your phone or computer? Practise tips, in our news...

How do I turn off my activity status on Instagram? How to turn off Instagram last seen feature? Here are the details.

Some time ago, Instagram launched the last seen feature, which caused controversy that we are especially familiar with from WhatsApp. This feature, which caused controversy, came to Instagram as Activity Status. However, many Instagram users were annoyed that other users were notified of the moments when they were active on Instagram and wanted to disable the Activity Status feature. So how can you change your Activity Status on Instagram? How to turn off Instagram last seen from your phone or computer? Here are the details..

What is the last seen feature on Instagram?

The last seen feature shows you when you were last active on Instagram. Instagram brought this feature to its app as Activity Status. Some people are uncomfortable with this situation.

Although people who turn off the mobility feature are accused of taking an unsafe posture, many of us would prefer to turn off the last seen date and time. Because sometimes, following every step we take by people makes us uneasy. Maybe you want to turn off this feature so that you don’t hear the reproaches of your friends who have sent you a message but did not respond to their messages at that moment. In fact, this situation has been the subject of a lot of reaction from the users. For a while, we came across news that this feature of Instagram will be removed.

Your Activity Status shows itself in the Instagram Direct Message section. When a friend is online on Instagram, the Direct Message section has a round green dot at the bottom right of their profile. Of course, this green dot appears on users with Active Status. With the Instagram last seen feature, people can see that you were online at that moment, or they can access the information when you were last seen. However, hiding your Instagram activity status and closing Instagram last seen is of course possible. Here’s what you need to do for deactive it:

turn off last seen instagram moblobi

How to turn off Instagram last seen from phone?

What you need to do to disable Instagram Activity Status is very simple. Let’s express it step by step:

  • First, log in to the Instagram application.
  • Go to the “Settings” section and open the “Privacy” tab.
  • Select “Activity State” from interactions.
  • If you don’t want others to see your last seen time, slide the button next to “Show Activity Status” to the left.

After following these steps, your Instagram Activity Status will be closed. Thus, nobody will be able to find out when you were last active on Instagram, and you will not be aware of the last seen moments of other users, just like WhatsApp.

How to turn off Instagram last seen from computer?

If you want to log in to Instagram from your computer and disable this feature. Here’s what you need to do:

  • First, log into your Instagram account from your computer.
  • Then click the “Settings” icon next to Edit Profile.
  • Choose Privacy and Security.
  • Click the icon next to Show Activity Status.

At this point, it should be noted that: When you uninstall the Instagram application and reinstall it, the settings will be the same as the last time.

So, have you turned off the Instagram last seen, activity status feature? Do you think this feature should be removed? Write in the comments.

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