How To Understand You’ve Been Blocked By A User In Facebook?

How to see who blocked you on Facebook? Here are the clues

You can block individuals and content on social media. Sometimes, we get blocked. But, who blocked you? How to understand you’re blocked on Facebook? Here are the details.

We all wonder who sees us, who unfollowed us or who blocked us. Actually, it’s possible to fins out. For example, Facebook users can understand it from a couple of steps.

Ways to understand who blocked on Facebook:

Sometimes we block; sometimes we get blocked on Facebook. But, when we get blocked; we don’t have a notification. But, when you look at the side of the user; Facebook’s decision makes sense. Thus, we need to make a little research about who blocked us.

There are ways to understand who blocked us on Facebook.

1- Search Results:

It’s never being shown on Facebook. So, there’ll be an appearance that this guy does not exist. First, look at user’s phone number, username or it’s name. If there’s no result, probably you’re blocked.

2- Your friend’s page:

There’ll be no posts shown on the time tunnel when you’re blocked. And, you won’t even see a new post of your friend’s. So, you can understnad easily who blocked you.

3- Messaging:

You can’t send message thorough Facebook Messenger if you get blocked. So, you can try to send a message to see if you’re blocked.

What should you paying attention whether checking you’re blocked or not? Which situations that shows you you’re blocked but in reality not? Continues on the news.


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