If Twitter Account Locked Because of Your Age?

people under age of 13 can't sign up of the Twitter platform. So, how to open a locked and suspended Twitter account? In our news…

You must be old to be a Twitter user. But, many people under age of 13 can sign up of the platform by marking their dates of birth as large. When the platform realizes this situation, it suspends the user’s account, which means the account is locked out.  The users who want to get their accounts back must to perform the process of for their twitter locked account. So how to open a locked and suspended Twitter account? In our news…

How to Open Locked Twitter account?

There is an age limit for membership on social media platforms. This limit is 13 years on some platforms and 16 years on some platforms. In order to be a member of the Twitter platform, you must to be 13 years old. Accounts opened by those under the age of 13 are locked by the platform when they are noticed. However, if the user is older than 13 years of age when his account is locked, you can get the account back. At this point, let’s state this immediately; Most of your old tweets, likes, messages can be removed while your account is being revived.  What you have to do to revive your account is very simple. How to open a locked Twitter account, lets transfer it step by step:

twitter account locked moblobi

Twitter locked account age fix

  • “https://help.twitter.com/forms/general log in to the help center at the link.
  • You filled out the form.
  • Enter your first name and last name, phone number and other information requested from you.
  • Send the form.

If you have been approved to withdraw your account, the platform will inform you by sending an e-mail. Usually, the return is made within 2-3 days. You must activate your account within 30 days of receiving confirmation to re-login to your account. İf not, you will lose your account after 30 days.

Let’s share this detail with you right now : Your followers may not appear on the list after you logging back into your account.  You may think this was removed by the platform. But, the platform says this situation will improve in about 24 hours. There isn’t change in your followers and following list, when you reactivate your locked account.

So, do you use Twitter? Has your account been previously suspended or locked out? Share in the comments

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