If You Want To Be A Youtuber, Get These 4 Equipment!

There are some Youtuber equipments that should be in general. What equipments should be in those who want to become a Youtuber? On our news..

Firstly, People who open the Youtube channel produce content with the cameras of their smartphones. They begin to need some equipment to produce higher quality content with the increasing number of subscribers. Of course, The Equipments may be  different depending to their needs and content. But, There are some Youtuber equipments that should be in general. What equipments should be in those who want to become a Youtuber? On our news..

The Equipments that should be for those who want to become a Youtuber:

Numerous channels are openning every day on Youtube. At first, beginners are taking videos from their phones. Than they are editing those videos by using applications. Youtube channels increases of tracking subscriber and they start to earn income from Youtube. if they want to produce a better content, they must change the equipments they have. Of course, every channel needs equipments, but you should prefer the equipment to appropriate your channel. For example, the lights used in the studio shouldnt be as same as the lights used at home.

You can decide subject of your channel such as vlog, trip, game, food on open your Youtube channel. After that, you can  start getting your equipment slowly.  Here is a list of 4 the basic video production equipment that you need.

1- Camera

People who want to log in to Youtube and try themselves can start with a smartphone camera.Even if a nice phone camera helps beginners, your equipment wont be enough after a time. If the camera, light, sound and charge are not enough, you can change your equipment.

While you are buying a camera, you can choose to buy according to the subject of the channel and your budget.If you are going to shoot videos by sitting or cooking, you can prefer a good  camera. You can buy for this a vlog camera. İf you are going to shoot travel videos, you can buy Video camera or GoPro. If you are going to shoot game videos, you need to buy a good webcam.

2- Tripod

After buying a camera one of the equipments that you should have is a tripod.. You can adjust the light angle well and you can avoid the camera from shaking using a tripod

While you shooting a vlog, you can choose to use a handheld tripod and while shooting generally videos, you can prefer a footed tripod. But you shouldn’t buy tripods that aren’t sturdy for cheap price. You will have to buy a new one as, it will break after a month or two. So, you can buy a tripod that will appropriate your bugdet on the best way

3- Lapel Microphone

You can buy a microphone if you are shooting videos in noisy environments or if you want your voice to be heard more clearly in the video. Lapel microphone has a small and affordable price that can make your job easier.

4- Led Light

Artificial lights are one of the most important products to provide a bright environment if your home or studio is not getting enough light or if you shoot your videos at night. You can choose table lamps or floor lamps that will shoot game videos. It may not be enough for normal video shooters.

For a good artificial light, you can achieve focus and brightness by purchasing Led Light.. Even so, shooting videos in daylight instead of artificial light will make you look brighter.

5- Additional equipment which must buy the Youtubers who shoot game videos:

General equipments can be camera, tripod, microphone and artificial light, but the equipments that gamer Youtubers should have some  different from the general. We should say that you need an extra equipment such as a gaming computer with a high operating system, a quality sound system, a webcam that captures beautifully, a headset, a mouse, a gamer seat, a realistic steering wheel for car gamers, and an Xbox for football and fighting games

While you were buying the equipment, you can choose the ones that suit you according to your usage, budget and hand habit.

So, Do you have a Youtube channel? Which do you use the equipments or applications? Share in the comment section.

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