Instagram’s IGTV Comes to Facebook!

We remeber Instagram and Facebook when we say social media. Those platforms are making their bonds stronger daily. Right now Instagram’s well-known feature IGTV is being added. Facebook users can share IGTV videos like on Instagram. Here are the details.

What will be on Facebook’s IGTV and how it’ll be used?

As Facebook added Instagram on it’s structure, many fields on Facebook connections came to Instagram. In order to make their bonds stronger; it’s been developed every single day. Instagram’s IGTV has been added to Facebook recently.

After many news and scandals in Facebook; many of those users trust has been shaken and some of them cut down on using this application or left. As Facebook wants to retake it’s image, they’re trying to bring Whatsapp and Instagram’s loved features to it’s platform. They make their connections stronger by making interapplication features.

Instagram’s IGTV feature has been used by users actively right now. Facebook is preparing to bring IGTV to their platform right now. While IGTV is making integrations on Facebook; it can be used by Facebook users instead of Instagram users only.

What is the main aim of Facebook’s offering this new feature to it’s users? Can IGTV being used on Facebook right now? Details are in the continuation on the news.


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Ata Tekeli

Ata Tekeli

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