Instagram’s New Feature Will Make Users Angry!

With millions of users all over the world, Instagram continues to improve itself every day. From the Gif share, to adding music, from linking stories, to questioning, and even to mini-tests. Although such features are widely loved by users, it is not possible to say the same for some updates.

Instagram has removed some of its updates from follow-up. Also after 24 hours the list of viewers of archived stories is no longer visible. Only the number of views can be reached. These updates, especially the changes made in the story viewing feature, have been quite discussed, and this update has pissed off many Instagram users.

On Instagram you may no longer be happy!

Now, some of you would be surprised that some of you will come again with some anger rumors that began among Instagram users. According to this rumor, you will no longer see the number of likes. If this update happens, the logic of using social media and Instagram will also be changed in a small way.

As you know, on Instagram and in general among social media users everything is counted on the number of likes. For the most part, the more likes the users share, the more cool it is. Even if you don’t think so and you don’t use it for this purpose, you are aware that there is such a perception in social media as well as in Instagram in general.

At this point, let’s share a little note for those who don’t know. Instagram likes to beat Kylie Jenner in an egg. As you know in recent months, an egg image and Kylie Jenner‘s Instagram has been broken. This egg has received nearly 54 million likes in Instagram.

In other words, your followers and other users will not be able to see how much your likes has been received in the flow. This feature has not yet been implemented, but is hidden in the Android version.

And who made this new feature? What’s he called a person? Read more…


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