Is Snapchat Legend Making A Comeback?

Snapchat, an application used to be very popular started to lose it’s popularity. Well what situation caused it to lose it’s popularity? What does it the corporation is doing about and what feature they’re planning to put on air? Here are the details.

When Instagram added stories, Snapchat has a hard time and they look like that they’re trying every way to stand firm against them. Right now it’s popularity is on decline by each day, Snapchat is trying to return it’s glory days. Corporation have decided to turn it otherwise and launched new features into the market.

It’ll use virtual reality effects

This corporation have made it’s first summit recently. As far as we see from this summit, virtual reality features attracts the most attention and catches interest from it’s features. Also, it looks like some of their features are Snap Games and a features which is similar to Tinder will strenghen it’s position.

It’ll be useful to understand what Snapchat is doing before we use the new features in this application. In this point, we shoud take into the account of the virtual reality. With this new feature, Shazam integration will be started to use with Snapchat.

In Snapchat, there’ll be virtual reality effects can be used for humans and pets. With this some issues in the Snap camera will be solved. While this platform is working on them, let’s remind you that Instagram is testing it’s artificial intelligence based features.

Snapchat and Netflix cooperation

SnapKit application have taken it’s place in this application’s features. With this feature, individuals will share content from third-party applications to Snapchat. This application aka. SnapKit will make users to publish their stories in the profile section.

Another support to Snapchat comes from Netflix. As the cooperation between Snapchat and Netflix, users will be able tos hare the movies or the series they watch easily with this cooperation.

One of the newest features of Snapchat is coming for people who loves to play online games with their friends. What is SnapGames feature and how it can be used? In the continuation of the news.


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