Is Snapchat Legend Returning Back?

The Snapchat application, which was once quite popular, began to lose its old popularity as you know it. And what caused this? What does the company want to improve and what new plans to offer? Here are the details.

When Instagram has integrated a story feature into its platform, Snapchat , who has gone through a difficult road, seems to be trying every way to survive against its rivals. The popularity of the social media platform, which is becoming increasingly popular every day, is trying its best to get back to its old days. To correct this situation, the company has rolled up its sleeves and is preparing to launch new features.

Virtual reality effects to be used!

Recently the company held its first summit. At this summit, it seems that; Snapchat features virtual reality details stand out and attracts a lot of attention. Snap Games and Tinder-like features are also among the new features of Snapchat.

Before using the application with its new features, it would be useful to first understand what Snapchat wants to do. At this point, it is necessary to consider and ignore the details of virtual reality. Shazam integration with this new feature will be used in this application.

On Snapchat will be available in virtual reality effects for pets and people. In this way, some problems in the Snap camera may have been resolved in this way. It is also important to note that Instagram is also testing artificial intelligence-based features while the platform is working on these features.

Snapchat Netflix cooperation!

The SnapKit app also stands out among the capabilities of the app in the new era. In this way, individuals will be able to share content directly from third-party applications to Snapchat . This application SnapKit can also enable users to publish stories in their profile sections.

A support from Snapchat comes from Netflix. As part of the collaboration between Netflix and Snapchat, users will be able to easily share some of the series or movies they are watching.

One of the most interesting of these new features is Snap Games. We think that this feature is in the society where the game addiction is experienced at the highest level and it will increase the commitment of the gamers to the practice.

In the last few years, many factors that have hampered the growth of the company seem to disappear with these new features. So how did you find the Snapchat? You can share your thoughts in the comment section.

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