Lie Percentage Increased in Social Media!

Social media has a important part in our lives. Our hands got used to social media quickly and nearly all of us uses more than one social media platform. But, according to researches, lie percentage in social media reached onto 60 percent. Here are the details.

Social media has been seen as an aim to exist. The desire of letting people know and being known are playing a huge role. Even more, we live a life in social media as we’re living in our daily lives. Unfortunately, some people exageerates their life on social media. They start to live this life by nourishing them with lies and they pretend is as being real.

Lie percentage increased in social media!

İbn Haldun University academician in the Department of Media and Communication Dr. Hakkı Öcal have given interesting information about how to lie on new media. Here are the interesting details.

According to researches, faulty contents have reached onto 60 percent. Of course, humans are social beings and they have to live as a community. For this reason, it’s important to belong a group. At the same time, we humans believe and also we need to trust, we need something to believe and to relying on something. By making this, we have created a safer space. Actually, social media provides the trust we need. Those feelings that makes us lie on social media. We are always on comparison with different people since we were kids. For this reason, always being in comparison makes us to lie. As we think about we make those comparisons on social media, we can understand more clearly why we lie on social media.

What kind of lies being told and what kind of live have been lived? Continues on the news.


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