Memoji Feature to Whatsapp for iPhones!

Whatsapp has entertained and made users life easier with all of their innovations they made. While it’s main purpose is instant messaging, they offer the feature of allowing users to create their own memojis in Snapchat’s Bitmoji. Here are the details.

What does Whatsapp Memoji works for? How it’s being used?

You can create your own avatar in Snapchat by Bitmoji. Whatsapp offers this feature called Memoji to iOS users. Whatsapp has become a part of our lives no matter we use Android or iOS. They develop innovations to create more opportunities and to make it more entertaining everyday.

Whatsapp develops and broadcasts their innovations to both iOS and Android. It’s main difference is not making a sharing at the same time. So, they actually broadcast with a time difference. And memojis comes to them.

Whatsapp has shared an update with TestFlight for beta version of iOS. While Whatsapp’s new feature attracts the attention of iPhone users, it’s also appropiate for Apple’s mobile devices. As memoji feature came to iOS 12 version and introduced to bring it’s own structure. It’s useful to share that it’s appropiate with iPhone X models.

Which opportunity got offered to users by Whatsapp memojis? Which devices can use this feature? Details are in the continuation of the news.


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