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What is stalking meaning? Who is a stalker? What are the most interesting stalk tactics? What is the stalking defination? In our news...

With the increase of using social media recently, people have started to become friends through these channels; they even secretly watch their old friends. They are looking for new ways to get all the information about both their new friends and the people they used to know. They google them, check their mentions on Twitter, they open a fake account on Instagram, and watch them online on WhatsApp. They are stalking them… So what is stalking meaning? Who is a stalker? What are the most interesting stalk tactics? What is the stalking defination?

What is stalking and how to stalk?

We got used to the word ‘stalk’ but it actually means pursue or approach secretly, silently. When you wondered about a friend, the person you like, someone you don’t like at all; You may have wanted to examine the life of someone you don’t even know. With this sense of curiosity, people secretly watch each other on social media; They sneak into their accounts and sneak up on what they’re doing. We call it stalking. Sometimes we like the photos we shouldn’t like; we even follow that person by mistake. In the meantime, you become a “stalker”.

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If you are a master stalker, you can even earn money from this job. Because being a “stalker” is now seen as a profession by some people. Usually, they stalk by opening a fake account on social media platforms and especially on Instagram, and create a fake profile. They add a profile photo and follow hundreds of people to make the account believable. Thus, they think they have not created a fake account image. Then they start stalking someone by sending a follow request and message to the person they want to follow secretly from this account. Stalking itself also contains to monitor the online presence of the person on WhatsApp, to follow their last seen, and to speculate based on their status.

Biggest mistakes of stalking

Although stalking may seem fun, it can bring many risks if your identity is revealed. For example, assuming you are sending a message from the fake account; In fact, texting from your personal account may cause you troubles.

Apart from that, situations such as liking while reviewing their photos, following by mistake, making a call with the touch of your hand while looking at the last seen on WhatsApp frequently occur to people. For this reason, you need to be careful and professional while stalking. Otherwise, you may have to endure the painful consequences of disclosure.

What are the most interesting stalking tactics?

1- Stalkers who try to catch their partners lie

Those who suspect that their partner is cheating on them, or those who have trust issues, often stalk their partners. Sometimes from their own accounts and sometimes from a fake account they open; They start to analyze the shared photos. Even exaggerate the job; There are even those who think about whether he is sharing the photo he took at that moment or an old photo, and if there is a drink in the photo, there are even those who zoom in and look at the expiration date.

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2- Photo hunter stalkers

Some people may want to know the people they admire or like. Or they may have wondered how their ex-boyfriends have turned into someone over the years. Let’s say that in this case, the account of the person you want to stalk is private or blocks those who have fake accounts. Therefore, you cannot see even a photo clearly and closely. In this case, some stalkers use websites such as “izuum”; typing in people’s usernames; they get the full picture of the profile.

3- Linkedin stalkers

Stalking is not limited to Instagram, of course. You may want to see an old friend’s new workplace. In this case, stalkers frequently use the Linkedin platform. While doing this, you may want your identity not to be revealed. However, they often make the mistake of being disclosed. Because, as you know, whoever viewed your account on LinkedIn you will receive a notification. For this reason, those who stalk on Linkedin usually stalk by logging out of their accounts or by hiding themselves.

So are you stalking someone? Has anyone stalked you? Have you ever created a fake account? Did you have an interesting incident while stalking someone? You can share your views in the comment section.

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