New Feature Called Content Studio is Coming to Instagram!

Content studio that Facebook launched for it’s users a is being distributed to be used on Instagram accounts. Here are the details.

How can we use Content Studio feature on Instagram?

Facebook , one of the most used social media platforms, is bringing their ventures under a centralised structure. There are similarities around their different platforms and they are also being conducted. One of them will be content studio because this feature will be offered to Instagram users. While content studio is being launched on 2017, it’ll be also used on Instagram.

Content studio allows Facebook users to summarize to the smallest detail, to follow them and allows them to time their posts. While this feature is being offered to Facebook users, it’ll also be offered to Instagram users as well.

This feature allows users to set the time of their stories, IGTV videos and other posts. Especially it’ll work for people that shares lots of posts also makes this application more attractive to users. At the same time, users can set the time of their posts that they plan to share at a certain time and posts they planned to share at this time will be shared automatically on Instagram.

Which menu will be used to use this feature on Instagram? Which settings should be made to use it? Continues on the news.


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Ata Tekeli

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