Photos Won’t Get Deleted on WhatsApp!

Why Whatsapp doesn’t delete messages despite we clicked the delete all button?

Whatsapp is the most popular messaging platform and we send lots of messages with this app. If we send a message by mistake, we can delelete it by using delete all feature. But, they don’t get deleted because there’s an issue found on iPhones. What is the issue and what does iPhone users should do? Here are the details.

Why Whatsapp doesn’t delete messages despite we clicked the delete all button?

Whatsapp’s delete all feature allows deleting messages from all sides but a gap has been detected on iPhones. The gap is that iPhone users can’t delete their messages even though they clicked the delete all button.

Whatsapp’s delete all feature is in use since 2017 and you can prevent or being saved by another person permanently within 1 hour but if you exceeded the limit, you can’t delete the message.

Also photos can be deleted within a hour by using the same feature. But this is not as effective as other messages because Shitest Sachan’s security advisor stated to Hacker News that they found a gap in Whatsapp’s software. Despite you clicked delete all, it drops onto iPhone gallery.

Does this situation become definite? Does Whatsapp got informed of the leak? What was Whatsapp’s strange comment? What should users do? Continues on the news.


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