Politicians can Use Facebook More Actively!

As we all know that Facebook is the most commonly used social media platform in the world. This social media platform is being used with many different goals for each one of them. Facebook has launched it’s service for politicians and government agencies in our country in Turkish before the 31st of March elections. Here are the details fot the page aimed for government agencies and politicians to make interactions and communities.

This makes politicians and government agencies to interact

Facebook have put politicians and government agencies page in Turkish befroe the 31st of March elections. This page is a guide fort o interact with voters or to make an online community. This service aims to interact with voters with politicians and government agencies around the world like it’s aim in Turkey.

Facebook has been making studies around to protect elections in different parts of the world. By doing this, it aims to help people by being the voice of the most important issues. Also, it aims to support voters by interacting with government agencies and politicians and also to raise awareness among voters. Even more, it serves as an platform to make connections with the community by the government agencies or politicians.

An important channel for politicians and government agencies

Politicians and government agencies page, which has been put into service this March, it’s an important channel for politiians, members of parliaments and at the same time fort he people who has got into politics recently because it’s valuable asset which Facebook gives them valuable information about how they can interact with each other. At the same time, it gives clues about the security of this page and how it can be used safely.

Facebook have made different interaction in recent days on the recent election. For example, it has shared an election memory in the elections in Turkey fort he residents of Turkey to incentivize them to get into this election. People who logged into Facebook have seen the top corner of the news that, Facebook has reminded for them to give votes in the election. Even more Facebook can announce that your friend have voted in this election or not before the information wasn’t even put into record.

Well how you can connect into this page if you want to? How can politicians can use? How they can interact with people? Continues at the news.


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Ata Tekeli

Ata Tekeli

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