Snapchat Supports Users Emotionally!

Snapchat will comfort users emotionally.

Now, Snapchat introduces users with psychologhical channels called Here For You. How this feature works and how will being used? Here are the details.

What is Here For You?

Despite we encounter Snapchat features on social media; people still uses it. When it comes to sharing posts; special attention should be paid tonot affecting their developments.

Despite Snapchat avoids sharing the numbers of searches; topics bullying, cyber-attack, depression and anxiety are mostly searched by teens. So, this incentivized Snapchat to create a channel for them.

Snapchat’s Here For You is given to WSID that’s been celebrated every 10-11 February since 2004. With Here For You feature, Snapchat aims to help users cope with issues like anxiety and depression by creating content on these topics.

With this feature, if a user made a search about depression; they offer you a content designed to make you relaxed with 10 second videos with Chill Pill. Also, they’ve been created by specialists. Actually, Snapchat aims for raising awareness about mental health issues. When considering these searches are mostly made by teens; they might be useful.

Before Snapchat made preparations; platforms like Instagram and Pinterest took their precautions against stress, anxiety and depression.

What did Pinterest developed for their users to cope with stress? How does Instagram stop bullies on their way? Continues on the news.


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