Snapchat Users Started to Turn Back!

Despite Snapchat lost it’s popularity, it started to make a comeback. It took a lot of feedback and it’s use increased a lot more with male-female face filters. As they’ve stated that they’ve reached 13 million active users per day, they’ve been on the counteroffensive. What’s happening in Snapchat? Here are the details.

Why does Snapchat users returns back?

After a prolonged battle with Facebook, Snapchat’s name is being heard a lot more again. According to new information and recent statistics, there are 203 milliın Snapchat users. It’s been said that it’s the biggest growth of Snapchat.

They were making investments and adding features to bring back their users. According to estimates, 7 to 9 million users made a comeback for filters. 4 to 6 million users are making a feedback becuase they see this app’s social media is better.

One of the biggest mistakes Snapchat made is that it didn’t show enough car efor Android users. But, they’ve brought new updates and optimizations for Android. It made many users to turn back after this move.

Most users uses Android. As they’ve made updates for iOS users and not making any updates for Android users, it made the application to behind.

According to statement made by Snapchat’s CEO, dramatic changes happened and improved. Even more, temporary viewing number increased.

One of the mistakes Snapchat made is that they’ve neglected all languages except English. They’ve stated that they’ll take some steps. Before the end of 2019 they’ve started to address more than 750 million users by adding languages like Indian, Penjab, Marathi, Gujarati, Vietnamese and Urdu languages.

What was the main move that made Snapchat a comeback? How does celebrities managed to make Snapchat a comeback? Which fact got revealed about social media by Snapchat’s comeback? Continues on the news.


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