Social Media Accounts are Scanned Before Going to the United States!

Firstly, we encounter visa to go abroad and every country have their own requirements when it comes to visa. So, countries wants other people know and comply to their rules. So that’s why they analyze you upside down. Now, United States is checking social media posts of people. What does the US looks at our social media accounts before giving a visa and why are they examining our social media? Here are the details.

Why your social media account is important for getting the United States visa?

Many people makes appliances to United States visa and the US requires you to give certain documents. While they categorize individuals, they also categorize documents. So, it’s important for you to make researches and collect documents about yourself. Even more, the United States make changes in requirements each year. Except those documents, the US looks at your social media accounts.

According to US Foreign Affairs decision, they’ll require social media accounts, phone numbers and e-mail addresses before giving visa. After that, they’ll make researches about the applicant. But there’s an exception for diplomatic and formal applications. But for working and education, your accounts will be researched.

United States will examine certain criterias before giving out the visa. They’ll look after your social media accountss till five years of past in order to find something dangerous for America. If there’s no suspicion or danger, they’ll hand you the permit with the condition of the documents passed the controls.

There are other things you should watch out for getting a visa from the US. What are they? Continues on the news.


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Ata Tekeli

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